About Us

Meet the team, get to know our process, etc!

I’m Justin Alan, Lead Website Designer and Cheif Nerd at Nerd Fire Studio.
A bit about me. I really am a “nerd.” I didn’t realize this until my 5-year high school reunion. I found my friends at a table, looked around the room and realized that, “I’m at the NERDS table!” A/V club, chess club, year book committee, theater group, etc.
I enjoy a lot of stereotypical nerd things, like Star Wars, technology, My Little Pony. Yes, I said it, but I am not a Brony. I watch it with my daughters. Here’s a bit of My Little Pony nerdy trivia: my favorite character is Cheese Sandwich (yes, he’s a real character) and he’s voiced by “Weird Al” Yankovic.
I’m also a professional magician, which by itself, has its own nerdy connotations in society. I’ve been interested in magic tricks since I was 6 years old. Slowly over the years, it became a hobby, then a side hustle, then my main source of income, until the 2020 pandemic… which brings me to web design.
I went to college with a focus on Web Design in 2000. My plan was to get a degree and find a job in the field of web design. Sadly, I never found a job in the field and gave up on those dreams. I kept my web design skills sharp by creating websites for myself as a magician, different ministries I’m involved with, and for friends and family.
My naive 20 something brain was taught that I have to get a degree and work for someone for the rest of your life. I never knew about the world of entrepreneurship, until I started performing magic shows and made that my main source of income.
Then the dreaded pandemic of 2020 happened. Overnight I lost my income as a magician as all live entertainment was cancelled. I took odd jobs to keep the bills paid and support my wife and kids. While doing these jobs, I listened to podcasts. One of these was Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income (a business podcast). This day he was interviewing a web designer, Josh Hall. I loved everything Josh had to say. Josh talked about the tools he uses, which happen to be all the same tools that I love to use. I didn’t know the business side of web design, which led my to purchase all of Josh’s courses. (https://joshhall.co/?ref=189) I never looked back since.
Today web design is my passion. I love helping small businesses and non-profits make a mark for themselves online.

Our Design Process

Designing a website, no matter how big or small, is an extensive process that can be overwhelming. To better help you understand what to expect during the design and development, here’s our process in 3 steps:


1) Layout and Design

A large and time consuming part of designing a website is in the planning and layout stage of the process. I’ll create the sitemap (Page/Menu hierarchy) of the website for approval first, then I’ll design the home page and a sub page (or more upon request) for approval.

2) Build & Develop

Once the site layout and design is approved, I’ll move forward with the designing all site pages and implementing all functionality and plugins. We’ll make sure your site looks great and functions nicely across all devices and web browsers before moving to the final step.

3) Edits & Revisions

Once the site is ready for final review, you’ll be able to review each page and we can make detailed edits until the site is ready for launch. We ask that you please review ALL pages to make sure all spelling, grammar, addresses and information are correct before going live.

Ready to Get Started on a Project? Or Have Some Questions?

Email Deliverability

Oh No!

A few months ago, I was messing with things on one of our websites when I got a glorious error message:

"Remote Gateway 502 on the D-server minus 000111110000 coding malfunction on the yadeeyadeeyada server of death...."

The page wouldn't load. I tried to refresh.  Still nothing. The internet was working just fine so I was scratching my head, trying to figure out what on earth the problem was. Our site assistant wrote me:  "Something's up with the site.  It's like the site's just GONE, annihilated, destroyed, wiped out, exterminated... or something." My pastor called and confirmed the worst.  The server we had had both of our websites on -- one with hundreds of hours of content -- had spontaneously gone dark.

The hosting company had simply quit the business.

Yeah. I posted a "Woe is us" message on Facebook so my friends could weep and wail with us (and send chocolate). Justin saw my post and immediately offered to help. And let me just tell you... When I thought we were toast and going to have to start from scratch with our sites,

Justin took over and recovered almost EVERYTHING.

He knew where these magical internet archives were online with little fairies that flutter around every night saving everything you ever put on your sites... and how to get content from the magical internet archives back on our sites where we all can appreciate that content a bit more.

Sometimes I'd be up at 1:00 a.m. seeing that he had just sent an email -- asking which pics I liked or how I wanted this or that. Yes, he was up working that late -- fixing all our problems. Making all our dreams come true.

The guy is a WORK HORSE.

He gets the job done, and he stays on task until it's done right. Not only did he recover both of our sites, but he's established a good backup program so we never. have. this. happen. again. #Genius

You should hire him.

and you should send chocolate. And probably like a Christmas bonus too. 'Nuff said.

-Christina Haarhoff